Kundalini Meditation: How Can It Help Me To Recover From Addiction?

As you do this a muscle will move under the
thumbs, feel it massage the thumbs at the temples and apply firm pressure.

One good example for beginners is the mantra “sat nam,” which means “truth is my identity.” You could practice first thing in the morning to set your intentions for the day—or to take advantage of a time you are least likely to be disturbed. Or, you could practice before bed at night as a way of winding down from your day. Just about any time works, but try to avoid meditating after a big meal, as your body will be busy with digestion. The practice should be thought of as a technique, as opposed to a belief system, that helps people clear away the clutter of the world and access the inner self.

All About Kundalini Meditation

People who have addiction might benefit from meditation such as mindfulness, kundalini, and others. Choosing a kriya to support the recovery process is simplified because each kriya makes a claim to its specific effect. Continue this cycle of breathing throughout the predetermined mediation https://g-markets.net/sober-living/guilt-and-grief-making-a-living-amends/ time. (Set a timer so you’ll know when to stop.) Complete the mediation by inhaling deeply, pushing your palms together or raising your arms in the air, and then relaxing and exhaling. Aim to do this so that there are four segments of both inhales and exhales during a complete breath.

SuperHealth, the country’s first alternative health center for the treatment of addictions in Tucson, Arizona was created from this Washington DC experience. Kundalini yoga and its meditative practices are effective in helping to change habits and behaviors. You don’t mask your pain—instead, it helps you to reveal the pain and then release it.

Day Meditation: Into Bliss Meditation

I look at my food, appreciate what I am eating while I am eating, even try to chew more. To help break my refined sugar addition, I ate millet every day for several months. By eating millet, my body was able to have its need for Earth foods satisfied. Millet is one grain I still eat on a regular basis because it makes me feel satisfied and balanced. Our bodies need natural sugar and foods of the Earth element. And there are many “health food junk foods” that are sweetened with honey and natural sugar from fruit.

  • Dry addictions such as overeating are often related to emotions as well.
  • More deeply ingrained patterns may take longer to correct.
  • For self-love to be real, we have to enjoy being in our bodies.
  • Our bodies need natural sugar and foods of the Earth element.
  • Since it can take as long as a year to work the steps, does this mean you have to wait?
  • From the time of your birth, this energy, combined with consciousness, has been focused, coiled, awaiting a great spiritual awakening.

Keeping the teeth pressed together throughout, alternately squeeze the molars tightly and then release the pressure. Feel it massage the thumbs and apply a firm pressure with the hands. You may notice some improvements in wellness right away, but patience and dedicated practice can help you achieve the most benefits. In 1968, Yogi Bhajan ended the secrecy around Kundalini by introducing Kundalini yoga — of which Kundalini meditation is a big component — to the Western world.

Rebirthing Kriya with Sat Siri

Both of these programs have been tested in research studies and have been shown to be effective. While meditating, a person dealing with addiction acknowledges an urge to use when it arises. The meditator lets the feeling crest like a wave and visualizes in that way. The urge is looked at something to be expected rather than something to fight or be ashamed of.

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As healers, or those on the path of offering light, it is essential that we continue to accept the healing flow of the universe. In this class we will open the flow of our meridians – to enhance our physical vessel – through kriya and soulful meditations. Grief can grip our heart, mind and body in so many unique ways. Each person’s journey is individual and grief can feel so isolating. And when we experience multiple loss, we can feel disoriented, overwhelmed, depressed, and cut off from our inner wisdom. This webinar explores the real lived experience of the many facets of grief.

The oxygenating breathwork, activating kriyas, and meditative practices equip the practitioner with a toolkit to experience the Self. The Kundalini Yogi is empowered—not to escape reality, but to transcend the perceived limitations of the physical realm and eventually integrate that awareness. These techniques can also help improve mental concentration and mental stability, reduce anxiety and depression, and promote a deep sense of inner peace. The protocol uses unique intense active meditative breathing, chanting, and movement techniques (all while sitting in a chair), and is available for purchase on videotape on his website.

Your spiritual energy will help you to overcome your addiction. Even if you are receiving medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction, you can greatly benefit from the spiritual practice of Kundalini Meditation. Kundalini meditation is part of Kundalini yoga Tips for Treating and Living With Essential Tremor Cleveland Clinic and is meant to move energy through the body. Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D. is the director of SuperHealth and personally trained with Yogi Bhajan for thirty
years. Since 1973, SuperHealth® has been on the cutting edge of behavioral health and addiction recovery.

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