Immediate BitXDR Review Pros, Cons and Ratings

Even better, there is a built in help chat right on the website I can speak live to customer service if I have a question. This pricing model is similar to that of most competing platforms, although there is no free tier. But the number of bots that you can configure and trade with on is better. Once configured, the bots will execute a trading strategy on your behalf around the clock.

The bot will execute the averaging transaction, and you can find it in the bot’s history with the status “Manual avg”. The changes in the DCA level and position size will also be reflected in the chart. From the list of active bots, select the bot you want to use for manual position averaging. Our mission is to simplify crypto trading and make it available for anyone.

Immediate BitXDR

In this article, we’ll explain what exactly a crypto pump and dump are and how to avoid them. No one has access to your data, and the high-security standards make twice as safe as most internet banks. When you select the manual position averaging option, a pop-up window will appear.

Most of its features are offered on a signal interface in the Immediate BitXDR trading terminal. Here, you can find trading tools such as limit market, stop-loss, take profit, and shadow orders. Overall, Immediate BitXDR emerges as a comprehensive automated crypto trading solution.

However, caution is advised for those who aren’t well-versed in the process. When you take a loan from your exchange, the funds in your account become collateral. The “Add funds“ function is a convenient tool that allows you to easily customize your trading strategy on the go.

Attention If you manually cancel sell orders in the grid, the BEP calculations become inaccurate. This is done for safety reasons to ensure the connection between your exchange and Immediate BitXDR is fully secured. To fix the error, you can either use Fast Replace (recommended) or manually add Immediate BitXDR’s IP addresses to the trusted IP list on your exchange.

As more new traders are venturing into the cryptocurrency trading scene, this particulate is getting more and more paramount. Taking into account the different fees and commissions charged by competing exchanges, Immediate BitXDR will include this in its estimated profit percentage. This makes the process more efficient, allowing you to proceed with an arbitrage trade if the numbers stack up. Signals are how Immediate BitXDR keeps you updated on significant market changes. If there is any significant movement in the value of a cryptocurrency, you will be alerted.

  • Regardless of what goes into the calculation of that price, its meaning stays the same — it’s the price at which forced selling begins to pay off your margin loan.
  • This mandatory verification aligns with Know Your Customer (KYC) rules that aim to prevent account misuse.
  • In financial trading, a price is more likely to continue moving in the direction of an established trend.
  • Trend lines are a popular technical analysis technique to spot and validate price trends.
  • Moreover, the platform lets users trade crypto assets across multiple exchanges, removing the need for opening several tabs for different platforms.

This simple yet ingenious indicator has two lines that represent threshold values of 20 and 80. When the lines cross and go above 80, it means the price has likely climbed too high too fast and is due for a correction. Scalpers aim to accumulate as many small profits as possible, which contrasts with the “let your profits run” approach that seeks to maximize gains by increasing the size of winning trades. Scalping achieves results by boosting the number of winning trades while sacrificing the size of the wins. For scalpers, even the littlest price wiggle is an opportunity to make a buck, so they’re glued to the 1-minute charts, waiting to pounce. Impatience is a virtue for scalpers — they’re outta there as soon as the money starts rolling in.

In other words, the prices need to go consistently up and down for GRID trading to be effective and profitable. The strategy involves monitoring the performance of two historically correlated cryptocurrencies. The divergence within a pair can be caused by temporary supply/demand shifts, large buy/sell orders for one crypto, reactions to significant news about a project or company, and so on. So, let’s say you want to set up a stop loss—you’d usually pick an amount of loss that you can stomach if things go belly up.

For example, on Binance, where the minimum order size for XXX/USDT currency pairs is 10 USD per order, we multiply it by 2, then a minimum investment with 180 grids would be USD. One of the best indicators for crypto trading is arguably a combination of indicators, such as MACD. However, 200-day MAs offer valuable insights into an asset’s performance.

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